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Your Florida and National Supplier of Flags & Poles

I moved to Leesburg, Florida from Brooklyn, Iowa, the
"Community of Flags"

A huge Flag Display in Brooklyn , Iowa was designed and created by me with the help and donation of all the 1436 citizens of the town in 1992.

To maintain and have replacement flags available a Community Flag store exists, with 10% of the proceeds available for the Flag Display. The store is staffed by volunteers, offering flags, poles, accessories, local crafts, antiques and collectibles.

The Display features an 80 foot pole flying a 20 x 38 foot US flag accompanied by sixty 25 foot flagpoles, flying 4 x 6 foot flags representing all the branches of the military, MIA, the coastguard and all 50 states. Additionally, there are thirty-five, 15 foot flagpoles downtown, with international Flags.

Shortly thereafter, I started a very successful flag and flagpole business, Heartland Flagpoles, Inc. Installing well over 500 flagpoles of various sizes and selling only US made flags in the Mid West. With this background I am starting all over again in Florida, selling, installing and repairing flags and flagpoles.

Please check my offerings and if you don't see what you are looking for or have questions, just contact me at,
flag-pole@comcast.net                                    or give me a call, at 352 360 0706


Thank You,
Alaxander Wehrle
Licensed & Insured

We also offer: custom printed, advertising flags, wave flags, avenue banners, international, military & all the 50 state flags.
Sales & Installation of alluminum & fiberglass flagpoles from 15 to 80 feet.
Distributor of the original Telescoping Flagpole 16 foot or 20 foot.

Yes we install them.

We repair and maintain flagpoles, install new halyard (rope or cable), and replace worn hardware. We repair 12 x 18 feet and larger flags by sewing new hem if taken down in time.

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